NCI MFG. INC., Environmental Policy

In an effort to remain a more responsible corporate citizen, NCI Mfg., Inc. will implement policies and procedures in order to continually improve in the following activities:



Leak Protection

Our goal is to produces high quality Rubber Coated Metal (RCM) gaskets for use in automotive applications. The metal core provides exceptional properties as a carrier material while the thin rubber layers provide micro sealing. RCM gasket material is widely used in gasoline and diesel applications. We also produce spiral wound gasket for high temperature applications.

Products Include

  • A/C Compressor Gaskets
  • Water Pump Gaskets
  • Oil Pump Gaskets
  • EGR Gaskets
  • Transmission Pan Gaskets
  • Exhaust Gaskets

Noise Protection

Finding the right solution for a vehicle's system level noise prevention requires a significant level of expertise. Our NVH engineers have experience for engine and brake noise reduction technologies. Taking from each area, we are able to create tailored solutions for specific projects.

Products Include

  • Brake Shims
  • Multilayer Heat Shields
  • Catalytic Support Mats

Heat Protection

From Heat shields, to exhaust mats, we deal with a wide range of heat insulation items. However, many of our solutions are dual purposed to reduce heat and vibration. Due to our experience in each area, we are able to create a high tech solution addressing multiple areas of the vehicle.

Products Include

  • Multilayer Heat Shields
  • Catalytic Support Mats
  • Wire Mesh Washers
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